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Our Purpose

To share the light of our experience with all those who seek


At times it seems like an uphill battle against the But this is the very time to keep forging ahead. Let nothing stop you from your ultimate goal.

Meditation and Stillness

it is important to take time each day to be still. Turn off your phone, sit in a comfortable place, light a candle and imagine yourself within your heart. Breath is really important and acknowledging that you are surrounded by a golden light.

Looking at what goes into your Body

As you travel on your journey it becomes necessary to think of the purity of the body. What one puts in the mouth,as well as the mind has an overall effect in the stability of the physical body.

Importance of Nature

Do not discount the importance of spending time in nature, for it is there that a communion with God exists. The colours of the world are far deeper than any photographic expression.

Improve Your Life

Believe in your ability to know what is right for you for no one understands fully what each traveller on this earth requires, it is only the individual who truly knows.

Latest News

  • August 16, 2016

    The World is a Beautiful Place

    The world is a beautiful place, gifted to us from the beginning of creation by a God,who is not as the simple man sees Him but as an energ

    by swl-admin
  • August 16, 2016

    Key to Perfection

    What if there was a key to perfection, a door which could be opened to reveal the meaning of life, a source so pure the affect was bliss,f

    by swl-admin
  • August 16, 2016

    Always Have A Plan

     Always have a plan, as this will keep you focused on your goal. Right thinking brings forth right action and consolidates in your heart

    by swl-admin

Happy Customers

Shiona has been granted a spiritual gift of the highest order enabling her to have a close understanding of human nature and the path that we all travel. Her counselling abilities a natural flow on from this gift.

Vicki Heiler


Shiona has been my spiritual mother for many years, her care and intuition have guided me through the many obstacles along the path.She has an ability to understand that which can only come from the purest source.

Janelle Orth


My precious friend her light flows out to all.She knows the journey for we have travelled it together. Purity and light is her reason for being.