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Spiritual EnergyI was 31 years old when my mother died suddenly, this was the beginning of my initiation into the world of the spiritual realm. I searched for answers to what lay beyond this world through the many psychic groups which abounded in the seventies. One day I met a very special woman who became my spiritual mother and guided me through an amazing journey of light and love. Together we formed a spiritual group known as the Daystar Fraternity which became a source of spiritual training for hundreds of aspirants to the greater light. We had healing and spiritual advancement groups weekly, it was a joyous time.

For the past twenty years i have worked as a counsellor for people with disabilities, family and couple therapy, grief and loss etc and found that my deep spiritual commitment has been a great addition to working with these clients.

Now dear hearts, I say to you, what if there was a key to perfection, a door which could be opened to reveal the meaning of life.