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Believe in yourself

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Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, for this is the first step to achieving your goals in life. There are times when one is unable to capture the direction one needs to go, this is as if nothing is present outside the seemingly small world of  the individual’s existence. But it is important to take heart, is the goal too large, can it be broken down into smaller pieces and is it the truly the correct way to go?

Time is needed to work through all aspects of the goal. Do not think that anything worth having is an easy path for dear hearts it is not. Many will try to dissuade you from that which you know to be your course, but these are the tests along the way and how you deal with them is indeed the sharpening of your abilities to see the final truth.

Hold onto that which when placed within the heart chakra rings with the confirmation you seek, or also within the depths of your soul you know it is not the way to go.

Truth lies within you if you but seek the Source, let no man divert you and believe you can find the answers to all the quandaries that life places in your path.

Shiona Tunn

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