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Always Have A Plan

 Always have a plan, as this will keep you focused on your goal. Right thinking brings forth right action and consolidates in your heart and mind your true desires. Believe in your ability to know what is right for you for no one understands fully what each traveller on this earth requires, it is only the individual who truly knows....


The World is a Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place, gifted to us from the beginning of creation by a God,who is not as the simple man sees Him but as an energy force from which all life begins. We are not solid matter but constantly vibrating and so from moment to moment cells are changing. therefore each second that we live is an opportunity to be the best we can be. For when each day ends so we have tomorrow to re examine the direction our life will take.For yesterday is no more and today holds the key to the future....


Key to Perfection

What if there was a key to perfection, a door which could be opened to reveal the meaning of life, a source so pure the affect was bliss,followed by and ability to tap into the knowledge of the ages,giving one a sense of peace in a world where turmoil at times is the norm. So it is when one taps into the source, that one is enabled to gain the knowledge of the ancients through an ethereal connection. All can be revealed and that which mankind searches for is gifted to him. Thus the journey of the Advanced Soul begins....