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In a world where perfection is expected it is difficult for the traveller to have value for that which  is the essence of self. So look within to seek the truth of your journey, realise the uniqueness of who you are and the image of God from whence you came. Face each day with joy, be aware of the beauty which surrounds you, breathe the essence of the lifeforce which comes each day with the warmth of the sun, and hold onto the wonder of life which has been freely given as a precious gift for the soul to experience the myriad of lifewaves upon the earth. Love is the only perfection and so through love one may rise above all that we experience. love of...


Live each day within the heart

Peace reigns within the heart. Even though the external world seems to be in chaos do not deviate from your true self. You live in times of great change, to some it seems like the structure of life is collapsing and fear is entering into the hearts and minds of all. Remember where you have all come from, it is the centre of the Cosmos in the very heart of God and His love surrounds you always. Tap into the light which is freely given to all, it is a golden energy flowing like a river, bathe in its perfection, let it surround you with its strength and always look to the positive outcomes which are possible through faith in the power of the Almighty God. Hold...


Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, for this is the first step to achieving your goals in life. There are times when one is unable to capture the direction one needs to go, this is as if nothing is present outside the seemingly small world of  the individual's existence. But it is important to take heart, is the goal too large, can it be broken down into smaller pieces and is it the truly the correct way to go? Time is needed to work through all aspects of the goal. Do not think that anything worth having is an easy path for dear hearts it is not. Many will try to dissuade you from that which you know to be your course, but these are the tests along the way and...


utangling the knots

Better to be free than to be tied up in knots too tight to move within. What is my memory of the essence of me, the butterfly yearning to be free, travelling on the flow of the breeze up high amongst the clouds, untouchable by the heaviness of earth, not weighed down by the expectations of others, or indeed my expectations of myself. I seek only light, IAM light, IAM God's manifestation of light, I live in the perfection of His love, forever in His grace I exist, not for myself alone but for the manifestation of light on earth. When I dream I dream of warmth, there is no coldness in this state. The rainbow colours enfold me, filling my soul. Deep within  the Divine mind is a place of...


Keep your joy- From the beginning all in spirit were created equal, each was born with a Divine spark within and the the love of God to enable each soul to begin life on earth.All came to the earth with joy in the heart centre but sadly that joy soon disappeared as the lessons of the world began to wear away the true essence of being.But dear hearts each of us has the power to retrieve our joy and hold it close. it is but a thought, a way of being, a refusal to accept anything that may take it from us. be joyful, allow the happiness to flow,grasp it with both hands and turn away from the harshness which may surround the beings of light on earth. Look out to nature and the beauty which vibrates in the colours of your world, breathe in that purity, allow the flow to surround you and live each day as if there will never be another.In love I am that I am