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Live each day within the heart

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Live each day within the heart

Peace reigns within the heart. Even though the external world seems to be in chaos do not deviate from your true self. You live in times of great change, to some it seems like the structure of life is collapsing and fear is entering into the hearts and minds of all. Remember where you have all come from, it is the centre of the Cosmos in the very heart of God and His love surrounds you always. Tap into the light which is freely given to all, it is a golden energy flowing like a river, bathe in its perfection, let it surround you with its strength and always look to the positive outcomes which are possible through faith in the power of the Almighty God. Hold Divine order within your thoughts as you journey through each day. Be positive, be strong, be an example to those around you and never give up, never turn back and be true to your inner self.

Shiona Tunn

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