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utangling the knots

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utangling the knots

Better to be free than to be tied up in knots too tight to move within.

What is my memory of the essence of me, the butterfly yearning to be free, travelling on the flow of the breeze up high amongst the clouds, untouchable by the heaviness of earth, not weighed down by the expectations of others, or indeed my expectations of myself.

I seek only light, IAM light, IAM God’s manifestation of light, I live in the perfection of His love, forever in His grace I exist, not for myself alone but for the manifestation of light on earth.

When I dream I dream of warmth, there is no coldness in this state. The rainbow colours enfold me, filling my soul. Deep within  the Divine mind is a place of stillness, it is the place from whence all knowledge comes. To receive knowledge the soul returns there in the sleep state and bathes in the wonder of its light and love. Peace is sought by many but it is as elusive as quicksilver. One moment there, in the next gone. So it must be the soul’s task  to seek peace daily and with each moment in time peace shall become and integral part of the soul.

There is no other state to be but in that of Divine peace and to send that peace out into the world that God’s kingdom may one day manifest on earth.

Shiona Tunn

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